I'm Kamran and this is my portfolio and blog website. It's where I share all the stuff I make. I'm a software developer and design enthusiast that's really into the ever-evolving art medium of games. You can find the things I make here from art to code. You can also find me on twitter @kamranpayne.

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Light Reading

  • Automated i18n Translations with NodeJS and Google Cloud

    At work I deal with a very large scale application that we deploy in a lot of different markets. A lot of these markets speak different languages. We get a lot of human-made translations for our i18n but sometimes we need to fill in the cracks and get translations we don’t have. Some of our devs were putting i18n labels into Google Translate as a quick fix but this was a tedius process sometimes. I thought it would be neat if we could just run npm run translate whenever we needed and be done with it.

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  • The Ending's Finality

    A while ago I wrote a blog post about the concept of never-ending games and the use of procedural generation. Right now I’m talking about something similar, but from a narrative perspective. There are some MAJOR Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP spoilers in this article. I’ve heard of studies where knowing the ending of something can actually make the story more enjoyable, but if you object to testing that theory on yourself then stop reading and go play that wonderful game! Also, be sure to play it with headphones. I also talk about The Witcher 3 ending but there aren’t really any spoilers.

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  • Recipe(?) - Skillet Cakes

    You’re back in college. You arrive back in your shared dorm room surrounded by the mess only 4 sophomore age students could make an subsequently live in. The exam you just took is worth a worrying percentage of your final grade and you prepared too little or even not at all for it. It’ll be fine. you told yourself. But it wasn’t fine. You want something to comfort yourself but it’s going to need the right balance of results and effort required.

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