FLY is a short film about a boy up late studying but this pesky fly just won’t let him. I wrote, produced, and directed fly and pulled together a crack team of other members of the Florida Polytechnic media club to create this short piece. We shot it in over the course of about 3 hours one Wednesday night.

Well the end result is, Hey, we tried. Yeah it might not be that great but that’s mostly my fault. This was my first film project but I plan for it to be the first of many. I also designed and pieced together that wonderful fly costume using some things I picked up at Walmart a few hours before shooting. Our editor, Ted, made the really subpar footage I gave him work surprisingly well. He did a pretty great job considering what he had to work with. The actors were all great and super easy to work with and I love all of them. My boy Travis was handling the camera the whole time and brought a lot of great ideas to the table with that too.

This script didn’t have a ton of dialogue so it wasn’t really a big chance for me to shine. Memorable lines such as “What?” or “Huh!?” unfortunately don’t really sell me as a writer.

New screenplays are being written and more videos are COMING SOON.