You’re back in college. You arrive back in your shared dorm room surrounded by the mess only 4 sophomore age students could make an subsequently live in. The exam you just took is worth a worrying percentage of your final grade and you prepared too little or even not at all for it. It’ll be fine. you told yourself. But it wasn’t fine. You want something to comfort yourself but it’s going to need the right balance of results and effort required.

cakes Not a pancake, but more.

These skillet cakes are probably going to be far from the best pancakes you’ve ever had. Depending on the ingredients you have at your disposal they might not even be good. But you feel harrowful and Skillet Cakes are here for you.

First, you’re gonna need a skillet. Not too big or else he’ll be too big to flip. If you’re okay with that or don’t have a small enough skillet, whatever, you’ll make it work. Ideally you’ll want something with rounded edges at the bottom.

Next, you’re gonna take whatever shitty pancake mix you got in the cabinet (I recommend something that doesn’t need many ingredients for minimal mess) and follow the directions on how to make some batter. Ignore the serving size and how many pancakes this is supposed to make because you don’t want to feel even worse about yourself right now. Make sure you adjust the proportions so you have the right amount of batter. If you make a little too much it’ll keep in the fridge or you can throw it out. Stuff’s like 90 cents a box if you’re getting generic brand.


Once you got the batter and your skillet’s hot (lower heat than a normal pancake so it cooks right) with a thin coating of oil or whatever else you wanna use, its time to make this cake. Now, you’re gonna wanna make two, but I’m telling you now that you want one. You don’t want to feel bad emotionally and physically. Pour the batter into the skillet and cover the entire bottom. Get the batter up the sides to a decent thickness and let it sit. Don’t mess with it or anything, just take a deep breath and be a little patient. Keep the skillet at a lowish medium heat so it can at least kind of cook all the way through without burning.

undercooked They might end up being somehow too dark and undercooked at the same time. You’ll eat them anyways.

The flip is going to be the hardest part. If you’re a seasoned omelette maker you might be able to nail the cool no touch pan flip. If you’re most people you’ll have to be pretty careful with a spatula and flip. Be quick and try your best not to mess it up too much but you probably will anyways. Don’t sweat it. It’ll taste just as good the same.

Put that thick skillet cake on a plate, top with butter and whatever garbage fake syrup you have and eat. After that, try not to feel too disgusted with yourself and worry about the dishes later. Take a nap or something and try to feel better.