This little game was built really fast using Unity and it taught me a whole lot.


This game was built over a weekend for a game design and development class I took at Florida Atlantic University. It was developed in Unity3D using C#. As far as I’m aware this is the first actual game I’ve ever made. It was made in a way that satisfied the course requirements and was fun to make and personally I think its rather fun to play. It doesn’t have much polish but I can’t finish it without remaking it entirely due to the fact that I lost all of the source code I wrote. Since I’m working on new and better projects now than I was in 2014 (nothing), I’ll probably never get around to changing anything.

Unity3D is a very fun to work with game engine and using it taught me a lot about the very basics of creating and finishing a project. A title I’m currently working on, currently called “Dogfighters”, was initially being made in Unity since I was already experienced with it. However because I wanted to use some other libraries and services, such as Firebase for handling the game’s MMO functionality, I decided to switch to the JavaScript desktop and mobile game engine, Phaser (soon to be called Lazer).

Design and Graphics

The graphics used in this game are all either modeled by more or are free assets from the Unity Asset Store and you can definitely tell. The artillery cannon was originally just a colorless cube, but I was told by a friend that it looked ugly and I at least needed to make it look a little more like a cannon. So instead of that, I added a colorless rectangular barrel that extends from the colorless cube that moved with the cursor. I’m not very good with art and I didn’t really have time to learn how to make anything nicer looking. One day I’ll learn how to make art that isn’t terrible. One day.


Gameplay is super simple and isn’t super inspired. My professor said he likes artillery games and says that they’re good starting points. Because of that suggestion I decided to make a 3D artillery game combined with a survival shooter. You destroy the boats coming at you with the cannon you’re controlling in order to keep the island safe. If too many boats crash into the island and explode you lose.

Now that you’ve read how the game works and how it was made, go play it and tell me what you think!