What this is.

This is a blog. It’s my blog. Do people read it? Hell if I know. It’s just a blog I guess. Since Jekyll is a blogging engine, and this site is built on Jekyll, I figured it might as well have a blog.

This blog is pretty much meant for the following stuff:

  • Developer Diaries
    • Status of ongoing projects
    • Discussing challenges I may face developing something.
    • Sharing technologies.
    • That sort of thing.
  • Bloggy stuff
    • stuff you would find on the blogs of other stuff
    • maybe I need to explain a tool I made
    • maybe I want to rant about something
    • whatever
  • Personal stuff maybe?
    • probably not

This blog is pretty much a way for me to get thoughts on paper. It also helps me become a better typist I guess. Yeah sure, lets go with that.